The Magnificent Mahuki Tech Tour of the Museum

Sun 14 May 10am — 12pm

Take a tour of Te Papa from a tech perspective.
Ticket price: Free

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All prices shown are in New Zealand dollars and inclusive of GST.

Hold on to your seats folks – this is not your usual museum tour.  We’re going to take you on the floor and behind the scenes to show you the museum through a tech lens.

We’re going to talk tech-turkey with graduates from Te Papa’s Innovation Hub – Mahuki, where you will get to interact with their amazing technology. Te Papa staff will also talk about some of our favourite tech exhibits and the thinking behind them. We will even take you back of house and show you our secret digital lair.  

Highlights of the tour include a visit to the Mahuki Innovation Hub, Hina Tore Learning Lab and other surprises. Wear comfortable shoes – we will be moving throughout the museum.



Tui heads up Mahuki where she works with teams to develop next generation innovation for the global and culture sector. At this event she is your head tour guide - make sure you have your ticket with you!
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