Techweek Supporters

Techweek is run by the tech ecosystem under the guardianship of not-for-profit NZTech, and is produced with the support of a number of organisations.

Our Founding Patrons

Techweek supporters BNZ

At BNZ we recognise the importance of the tech sector as a whole and the part we have to play in it. We have a responsibility to our customers to keep pace with change and to challenge the way we have done things in the past. Our involvement as a Founding Patron of Techweek'17, our membership of NZTech and our participation in the establishment of FinTechNZ enable us to contribute to and learn from the sector. The combined Tech Sector is a major and growing contributor to the New Zealand economy. Many tech companies have global ambitions and to realise them they require additional expertise and working capital. We want to be an enabler for tech companies and make it easy for them to access expertise and capital to realise their ambitions. By actively contributing to the sector we hope to play a positive role in its future growth. Connor Shelley, Head of Partners Transformation & Innovation.

PwC Logo

At PwC, we are proud supporters of Techweek, and we place innovation, technology, digital and customer experience at the core of what we do. We’re committed to helping New Zealand businesses grow, with teams of innovators, technical experts and market specialists from a variety of backgrounds. Our focus is on helping businesses to prepare for what’s next and stay ahead of constantly changing markets. 


Our Partners

Techweek supporters ATEED2

Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) is the economic growth agency for the Auckland region and a major supporter of Techweek'17.

Techweek supporters MBIE2

MBIE's purpose is to Grow New Zealand for all. Achieving this will mean New Zealanders have higher standards of living, higher incomes, greater job opportunities and good quality, affordable housing.

Techweek supporters MOE

Techweek shows what New Zealand digital technologies are already achieving, and how our education system is keeping pace. Developing digital fluency ensures we excel as lifelong learners in a dynamic world, and the Ministry of Education’s partnership with Techweek’17 will help our young people grow into savvy digital citizens.

Techweek supporters NZTE2

With a strong history of innovation, New Zealand tech companies are building solutions to global challenges. The big question is, how can our tech companies successfully scale their businesses to deliver products and services globally? NZTE provides customised services and support to help companies build capability, boost global reach, connect to other businesses and invest in their growth. We work towards one single purpose: growing companies internationally, bigger, better and faster, for the benefit of New Zealand.


Our Supporters

Techweek supporters Callaghan2

Callaghan Innovation is a government agency that helps businesses succeed through technology, research and development.

Techweek supporters CDC2

Christchurch is home to a host of creative and world-class tech businesses. Canterbury Development Corporation, as supporter of Techweek’17, is proud to help showcase and celebrate the Christchurch tech sector.

Techweek supporters Hamilton2

Hamilton is a city built on a strong economy, growing rich from the land around it. It's fast growing, with a current population of around 158,000, providing services to over 380,000 people in the greater Waikato. Hamilton City Council's plan is to build a stronger economy and a more attractive city for families.

Techweek supporters NZTourism

Tourism New Zealand is the organisation responsible for marketing New Zealand to the world as a tourist destination and the people behind the 100% Pure New Zealand marketing campaign that inspired the creation of the Techweek promotion trailer video.

Techweek supporters Rotorua

The Rotorua Lakes Council is a caring and progressive organisation that prides itself on high standards of service delivery and open and transparent governance.

Techweek supporters Tauranga

Tauranga City Councils contributions to the Techweek’17 festival are curated and co-ordinated by Venture Centre to inspire our region’s Youth, Business owners and Startup founders to be innovative, build future focused skills, connections and thrive in an ever-changing, technologically-enabled future.

Techweek supporters WREDA

Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) supports business growth and innovation in New Zealand’s creative tech capital. Our vision is to become the most prosperous, vibrant and liveable region in Australasia, and the leading-edge creativity of Wellington’s tech professionals and entrepreneurs will help drive our future-focussed, globally-connected economy.


Presented by

Techweek supporters NZTech

NZTech are the guardians of Techweek. Their vision - a prosperous New Zealand led by a vibrant technology industry.