GovTech is the New Black

Fri 12 May 6 — 9pm

This event will showcase and celebrate stories at the centre of New Zealand GovTech innovation.
Ticket price: Free

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"GovTech is the new black. It's technology-enabled government. It's about inviting the private sector into government by letting business take over marketing and service delivery while our public servants run our core system." Hon Minister Joyce, NZTech's launch of Digital Nation, June 2016.

This event will showcase and celebrate stories at the centre of New Zealand GovTech innovation. You'll hear 7 speakers with 7 minutes each from a diverse range of GovTech startups, including teams from one of the first GovTech accelerators in the world, R9 Accelerator.

The event offers the opportunity to learn more about the global emergence of GovTech and connect with public and private sector leaders working in this space. This event is part of an ongoing series called the GovTech Learning Marketplace and will be delivered in partnership with ideas forum 7x7 and Crispstart New Zealand. 


Dr Desi Ramoo has a background in theoretical physics and is a serial entrepreneur. In 2016 the Ministry for Primary Industries engaged Desi to design and implement the Research, Technology and Innovation Practice - where ideas are validated and prototyped in an environment that allows pivoting and fast failure without excessive investment.
Johnny is the CEO of PreviewMe, a private media platform bringing together video and data features from social platforms into the online recruitment space.
Keith is responsible for Business Tax new initiatives in light of the opportunities arising through the IR Business Transformation. He would welcome discussion on the future of business tax and especially tax returns. Keith is also addicted to investing random Kick-starter projects.
Linda is the Result 9 Better for Business Manager of Strategic Directions at the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment. In this role, Linda is a leader at the forefront of moving government into more customer-centric service delivery, using innovative tools and digital channels.
Mike Lovegrove is the Co-founder and CEO of Bot the Builder, a product exploring how we utilise artificial intelligence and conversational automation to enhance and redefine the customer relationship. Bot the Builder allows its customers to analyse and group entire segments of users based on their interests and responses with sentiment analysis and machine learning capabilities.
Nick is a Marlborough-based catalyst and social entrepreneur. He specialises in developing technology propositions from the ground up, and has been one of the pioneering leaders promoting New Zealand innovation globally for over a decade.
Penny is working with Inland Revenue to shape and lead the new AIM initiative. A major change to how small businesses pay tax - one of the biggest changes in tax in New Zealand since the introduction of GST and a leading example of collaboration across the public service.
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