Scalability for secure, high availability open APIs

Wed 10 May 5:30 — 7pm

The technical capability required to build a National Account Registry - New Zealand's competitive advantage.
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As part of the Kiwibank Fintech Accelerator programme, a team has built stand up a working instance of a National Account Registry. Using orthodox API architectures and the AWS cloud, the team has proven that New Zealand can establish this type of industry-standard capability quickly and securely.

The solution was designed and developed by Tom Cully of BlackRaven who will cover off the technical design and distinctive learnings from the project including:

* AWS Infrastructure Architecture

* Implementation in golang as a Single-Class Microservice

* CI/CD using Travis Pro & CodeDeploy

* High Availability using multiple AZs and Elastic Load Balancers

* Scalability using Auto Scaling Groups

* Authentication and Authorization using fast cache-based sessions

* Datastore choice and implementation

This is an insightful presentation for architects, developers and cloud engineers that are interested in developing fast, scalable, available public APIs.


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