VR 360 Video Content Creation Workshop

Sat 13 May 10am — Sun 14 May 5pm

A 2-day hands-on intensive workshop for camera technicians, assistants, students and sound technicians. Come and learn from the experts!
Ticket price: $2500 per day

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All prices shown are in New Zealand dollars and inclusive of GST.

The VR content creation workshop is a 2-day hands-on intensive workshop for camera technicians, assistants, students and sound technicians who would like to add to their current skill sets the ability to work in the VR medium. This workshop will be split into 2 segments: camera technology and on set capture, sound design and interactivity. Attendees can either come to one or both days. All the latest in VR technology will be showcased, and the workshop will be taught by experienced technicians who work in the medium for both local and international companies.


Aliesha has been working in the media industry for over 12 years with the last 3 being in the VR 360 video industry working with clients from Africa, USA, Europe, Asia and NZ. She has pioneered the NZ VR industry and will be teaching her capture skills to camera technicians alike.
Edward has worked on some of the biggest VR sets of the last 18months including the likes of Suicide Squad. He is the mind behind our custom camera solutions and built the worlds first fire proof VR camera system used last year by the New Zealand Fire Service.
Jason has been working as an on set capture technical and VR operator and is one of the most skilled operators in the country. He will be going through all the different camera specifications and why you would select each for projects.
Krystal is the mind behind our interactive 360 video experience and managed the team that create the patient preparation hospital game released in March fro Auckland District Health Board. She will be going over the ins and outs of game development in live action vr and photogrammetry workflows
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