VR and interactive Careers in Information Technology - a different angle

Wed 10 May 1 — 2:30pm

Crescent Consulting are passionate about helping young people with making informed career choices by presenting real life success stories.
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ICT Industry professionals share with Y11, Y12 and Y13 students at Haeata Community College their journey and experience to enable students to make informed choices when choosing a career path.


Kieron will talk from the perspective of a Software Developer who has managed to tune into a variety of industry application areas and how exciting it can be to work in truly Agile teams. He will put an end to the myth that Programmers are ‘backroom’ nerds and enlighten you on the activities that are going on in a creative team environment.
MTech Games uses VR and leading edge technology to create serious games for rehabilitation, training and educational purposes and Margaret will demonstrate the technologies and vision for using their products and the many uses they can have outside pure gaming pleasure.
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