Powering Businesses, Creating Jobs & Showcasing Virtual Reality

Wed 10 May 5:30 — 7:30pm

Rotorua X presents Techweek with TechCafe.
Ticket price: Free

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We have an awesome panel of speakers lined up to share how they support and upskill New Zealand businesses while helping students and graduates into the technology sector.

TechCafé is an IT services company focused on leveraging the best technology solutions to transform businesses, grow New Zealand’s technology sector and create career pathways for students and graduates in the industry.

In addition to the panel of speakers, TechCafé will have two Virtual Reality setups available for everyone to try.

"The Virtual Reality (VR) experience with our custom designed packages will blow your mind and absolutely must be tried. Forget taping your phone to your head, these setups offer a full immersion experience and you will actually feel and believe you are in a completely different world. This is the most exciting new technology experience I've had and can't think of what comes close to this!" -Matt Dawson.

This is a special event to celebrate NZ TechWeek 2017. 9 days of events amplifying the inspiring technology, innovation and design thinking that’s thriving across New Zealand.

*Our Panel: 
- Jay Bocock - General Manager TechCafé 

- Matt Dawson – National Manager TechCafé

- Duane Mutu – Director 

- Jonathan Jansen – Country Manager Xcerio 

- Darren McGarvie – Founder & Chief Coach Firestation 

Don’t miss this event. Not only will you gain insight into how you can utilise technology to power your business, but you can also have a play with the latest technology and experience virtual reality first hand.

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Darren will MC the panel discussion and will talk through the importance of utilising technology to grow your business.
Gaming is the gateway to get kids into technology. Duane will talk about setting up NZ’s first secondary school e-sports competition and how it helps encourage youth into the technology sector.
Technology is rapidly changing. Jay will share TechCafé plans to ensure NZ businesses stay up to date with the latest offerings and their plans to have eight super locations in the North Island – Gisborne, Hamilton, Hastings, Napier, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Rotorua and Tauranga.
Partnering with the world’s leading software vendors, such as Microsoft, Adobe, HP Jonathan will share Xcerio’s training, software packages and internationally recognised certifications. Ideal for people and businesses that want to upskill to drive productivity, performance and results.
With operations in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, Matt will share TechCafe’s latest move into the regions with opening a site in Rotorua. He will talk about what this means for Rotorua businesses and how they deliver technology solutions that can reduce overheads and increase productivity.
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