Code Club 4 Teachers

Mon 8 May 4 — 4:30pm

An info session about Code Club 4 Teachers that explains how teachers can join a course to bring programming into their school for free.
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We will be hosting an information session about our latest project "Code Club 4 Teachers"!

Code Club 4 Teachers is a term-long free Professional Development opportunity for teachers in Christchurch. The course meets fortnightly after school hours. 

In this session, we will take a look at the type of content you will learn if you enrol in Code Club 4 Teachers. We will even do a short activity to give you a taste of what the course will be like. 

Integrate CS and Programming into your classroom timetable! Learn coding concepts and how to teach Computer Science. You'll also learn how these projects and lessons can be integrated into any context.

**Small snacks provided

Optional tour of Haeata Campus at 5PM**

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