Auckland AR/VR Meetup: HTC Vive

Thu 11 May 6 — 8pm

HTC Vive themed virtual reality themed Meetup event
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The AR/VR Garage is very excited to be hosting Lisa Chu, Program Manager from HTC Vive Ecosystem during Techweek. Lisa will be the keynote speaker at our Vive-themed AR/VR Meetup.

Lisa is visiting the AR/VR Garage because her role is around actively looking to connect with talented teams and to explore the opportunities on how we can collaborate to cultivate the VR/AR ecosystem together. HTC VIVE has created different platform and programs to make sure the brilliant ideas are being seen worldwide.

Lisa is a guest of the AR/VR Garage in Auckland for Techweek, and is looking to setup a Vive x Accelerator at the AR/VR Garage. Other speakers showcasing their Vive projects are Aliesha Staples from StaplesVR, and Daniel Crayford from VersoVR.

Hope to see you there!

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