Startup Weekend Wellington WARMUP series: Hacking the Demo

Mon 8 May 6 — 8pm

Build your skills in wireframing and creating effective demos, and get an intro to what Startup Weekend is all about.
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6pm-8pm, Monday May 8, Creative HQ

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Learn all about wireframing and creating effective demos. A key skill to coming out on top in a Startup Weekend!

This event is open to anyone who wants to learn, dip their toe in the water of the startup weekend environment, or take a running start at May Startup Weekend Wellington

Its is a great chance to upskill and connect with other creative minds - and did we mention there'll be food?!?


At Startup Weekend Wellington (26-28 May) you'll transform your technical skills into a viable business, as you work in a multi-disciplinary team to develop a business model, create and deliver a technical solution to a validated customer problem and work with mentors over the course of a weekend. On Sunday evening you will face a dragons den, as your team demonstrates their pitch, execution, validation and model. 

The weekend is being preceded by a short series of optional warm up sessions designed to give participants a solid footing in key enablers such as team forming, pitching, lean canvas and customer validation, so you can hit the ground running.  Check the other WARMUPs Building the Team (15 May) and Applied Design (22 May).

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