Play by the Book | Building a Scalable Sales Model

Wed 10 May 3 — 5:30pm

Learn from those who have been there. Then stay for networking and drinks with up to 100 other great Kiwi companies
Ticket price: Free

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A live interview format event for founders, CEOs, Cx, and investors of Kiwi companies in technology with big export ambitions.

This is a chance to delve into the detail, and learn how to strengthen your sale operations to compete in export markets. The session will take you through how to set up a playbook and process to ensure discipline and rigour is applied, it will offer insights on how to recruit the right team, and share knowledge on ways to build a repeatable, scalable model.

Afterward, there will be a chance to network with peers from up to 100 great NZ companies.


Ivan is founder and CEO of Promapp Solutions. Promapp is cloud based process improvement software used by 500+ organisations globally including Toyota, Coca Cola and Uber. Ivan owns overall revenue targets and is the Promapp product owner.
Jo is co-founder and president of Fuel50, a HR SaaS product delivering value to clients such as eBay, MasterCard, Citibank and more. Fuel50 has successfully secured a foundation of US, UK, LATAM, and Australasian clients over the last 4 years, leveraging local angel investment to build a scalable sales model.
Josh has an enviable track record and with 90 Seconds Josh implements great customer engagements across multiple platforms. 90 Seconds is a NZ success story providing cloud video creation platform anywhere on the planet with over 1,000 global brands in over 70 countries
President and founder of WhereScape. Started in tech, moved into sales, and now doing what it takes to help grow a global big data and data warehouse automation software company. WhereScape now has a sustainable sales model with over 120 employees and an appreciation of how to get there
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