OMGTech! & MOTATs Techweek-end

Sun 7 May 12:30 — 4:30pm

OMGTechweek-end is two afternoons of workshops. Saturday will be "Behind the screen's" - Software and Sunday is "practical STEM" - Hardware.
Ticket price: $70 - $100

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OMGTech! and MOTAT are joining forces to engage and inspire young people, educators, industry and the wider public to explore the future possibilities of science and technology! The action packed weekend will include OMGTech! Rangers Events for up to 250 kids as part of their Techweek 2017 programme. It will be a fun couple of days of exploring and building confidence with technology for 8 - 12-year-old kids in Auckland.

This event will be broken into two afternoons of workshops. Saturday will be focused on “Software”. At this workshop kids will learn to code and design games, prototype things for 3D printing and discover the behind the screens working of computers.  Sunday will be an exploration of “Hardware”. This workshop will include programming robots, playing with science, and pulling stuff apart to understand how our technology does what it does! It will be a hugely fun couple of days, with some inspiring people showing kids how to make technology work, and hopefully light a few sparks that burn on to create our next generation of future innovators and inventors.

OMGTech! aims to bring hands on learning experiences to kids who might not have the chance to explore technology at home. In order to reach as many of these kids as possible we offer our event free to all students at level 1 - 4 decile schools in the area. By purchasing a ticket for your child you are also allowing another child who can’t afford to come, a place at the event. General admission tickets can be purchased using this

Event Date: 6th & 7th May 2017 from 12.30pm - 4.30pm

Event Location:  MOTAT, Gate C, Stadium Road, Western Springs

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