Hutt STEMM Festival | Tour de Science

Sat 13 May 1:30 — 2:30pm

David Klein is a science storyteller with his award-winning one-man show about curiosity, learning and the universe.
Ticket price: Koha

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This is a show about learning, curiosity and imagination. It provides a whole bunch of amazing facts, and ties them all together, providing you with a 'big picture' of the world around us.

More than that, it aims to inspire you to keep learning about your world, and asking questions. Part theatre, part pop-learning, Tour de Science is an effervescent scientific and personal learning adventure. Science storyteller David Klein shares his journey of curiosity and discovery from childhood to adulthood - atoms, cells, evolution, the solar system, stars and beyond are pieced together into a unique and extremely satisfying conclusion.


Klein received a Bachelor of Science from Canterbury University in 2011. After a stint on student radio which led to an interest in presenting, Tour de Science was born. Cycle into town with a bike full of simple props, present a science show in a town hall, then cycle to the next town.
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