Future Realities Conference

Wed 10 May 9am — 5:30pm

An immersive dive into transformative tech trends. Join leading industry visionaries, entrepreneurs & storytellers in IoT and mixed reality.
Ticket price: $0 - $350

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Future Realities is an inspiring and progressive vision of new technologies. Exploring how they will change the way we live, work and play. You'll acquire new skills, meet interesting creators and have a glimpse into the future.

Over several days across the country, we will be hosting leading industry experts and New Zealand visionaries, entrepreneurs and researchers working in mixed reality, AI and the Internet of Things.  We'll be hosting practical workshops to learn about new technologies like IoT and augmented reality, Hackathons to put thought into action, and immersive showcases and demonstrations so you can have play!

Machine learning, augmented reality and the Internet of Things sit in the top 3 technology trends that we need to be paying attention to this year. The Internet of Things revolutionizes the interaction between human activity and the environment we inhabit.  We explore the technology and ideas that are new dimensions in understanding and control of the world around us.

Companies that are successfully achieving digital transformation are making serious investments in the power of Augmented and Virtual Reality. With machine learning set to change the world as we know it, AR and IoT are natural partners and already being applied to local VR applications. 

Our key theme of Scaling Impact using new transformative technology allows us to look at smart city initiatives happening here in NZ, the opportunity to turn Matiu Island into the world’s first augmented reality island, explore how virtual reality is being used for medical applications and how creatives can leverage this technology to scale their stories.

This will probably be the least boring tech conference you could take part in, in NZ.

Future Realities Breakdown:

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Wellington Conference  10 May

Wellington Hackathon  10 May

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Auckland Hackathon  13-14 May


A transmedia producer for over 15 years, Ms. Burns has developed storyworlds and sustainable multiplatform strategies for franchises ranging from global blockbuster feature films, award-winning television shows, AAA console games and Virtual Reality.
CTO & Founder at Rush Digital
Taehyun is Senior Lecturer of School of Engineering and Computer Science. His current research activity is focused on perceptually based rendering and lighting, mixed reality rendering, realistic human body modeling and animation.
Mark is one of the most widely published researchers in Mixed and Augmented Reality. Prior to joining the University of South Australia he was Director of the HIT Lab NZ at the University of Canterbury and he has previously worked at British Telecom, Nokia, Google and the MIT Media Laboratory.
When the film industry went through a challenging period, Melanie Langlotz saw it as a timely opportunity to reconsider her career choice and move into Augmented Reality which led to Magical Park – a digital app that transforms a normal park into a digital playground.
Neal is an American writer, known for his fiction works, which have been variously categorized science fiction, historical fiction, maximalism, cyberpunk, and postcyberpunk.
One of the founders of Method, Sam has over 15 years’ experience working with NZ and international brands to implement successful and award winning digital strategies and campaigns.
Sam is a global media executive with over fifteen years’ experience leading and building b2b and b2c entertainment businesses for media companies such as Viacom, Lionsgate Film Studios, Tribeca Enterprises, National Geographic.
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