Everyday Security Without Screens

Mon 8 May 5 — 7pm

Learning your A, B, and Sec with Erica and Kate.
Ticket price: Free

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Our lives are becoming more digital than ever before, with every day bringing new ways to connect and grow. At the same time, we hear more and more about security attacks and breaches. How is a normal person to operate in this world where it can feel like security expertise is a barrier to entry? We can all do better than holding back from new technologies because of fear, and we can also do better than blindly trusting technology companies. You don't need to be a doctor to be healthy, you don't need to be a hacker to be safe. And, you don't even need a be at a screen to learn security. Similar to how we learn maths, this curriculum is structured to provide an everyday user with just the amount of security knowledge they need to both feel and be more in control of their technology decisions. We are building an open-sourced curriculum that spans across multiple parts of security, and teaches using analogy rather than technology. We will showcase and perform a few exercises as a group and encourage ways for people to contribute, share, and learn this new security curriculum. This unconventional, experimental, and interactive event will enable people to make good decisions by giving them the tools they need to understand trust in a digital world. These exercises show that security isn't about technology, it's about mindset, trade-offs, design, and sometimes, deviousness. What if knowledge of the basics was commonplace, like it is in health, or road safety? What sort of world could we have if people didn't hold back from fear of getting hacked, or of losing control of their data? What sort of world will we have when people understand the security risks and opportunities before them? A better one.


Erica Anderson is a Senior Security Engineer at Xero. Her passion is helping people find their light bulb moment when they understand something new, and volunteer time educating young and not-so-young about information security and other technology related subjects.
Kate Pearce is a Senior Security Consultant for Cisco. She has spoken at many security conferences and has recently been awarded the iSANZ’s Best International Superstar. Her true loves are application security enablement, complex systems security, and cross-discipline security analogues.
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