Breaking Stereotypes | An Insider View of Women in Tech

Wed 10 May 9 — 10:30am

Listen to the stories of inspiring women in tech who are breaking stereotypes left, right and centre.
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We've brought together a bunch of inspiring women, all with diverse backgrounds and experience and at different points in their career, to share their stories and give insight into how they're making a dent in the tech industry through unconventional pathways. The session will touch on a whole range of topics, spanning professional and personal experiences, and share a variety of viewpoints. We’ll take a look at what it’s really like to work in the industry, women in leadership positions, what it takes to thrive, and the power of diversity to drive innovation.


Part of the Dexibit team, Alex has always been a professional curious-person, exploring the space between data, storytelling, and design. When she isn’t hustling at start-ups, she is likely coding or designing a side project, flying with the circus, or off investigating the wilderness.
Founder of Tech Futures Lab and Chair of The Mind Lab by Unitec, Frances has spent her career analysing the impact of disruptive tech and the process of innovation. Today she works in NZ and abroad with individuals and organisations navigating rapid technological advances and the future of work.
Dr. Mahsa Mohaghegh is a computer engineer with a focus on AI and natural language processing - she has a PhD in statistical machine translation and runs Google Computer Science workshops. With a passion for helping young women find a career in tech, she's the founder and director of the group She#.
Priti is an engineer who has spent the last six years working with global teams to grow early stage start-ups, for-profit and non-profit entities creating impact through digital collaboration and crowds. Priti is also co-founder of The Next Billion, which enables women business leaders.
Vivian started her life as a physics major and then moved to the world of IT. She recently completed a Masters in Sociology talking about #everydaysexism. She specialises in creative innovative solutions, and is passionate about helping people work with technology to do their best work.
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