Artificial Intelligence | Re-imagining Customer Engagement

Thu 11 May 7:30 — 9:30am

Beneath all the hype, breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are fundamentally transforming customer expectations and interactions.
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Beneath all the hype, breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are fundamentally transforming customer expectations and interactions, and it’s happening right now.

So how do we equip ourselves for this massive wave of disruption and opportunity. What new customer engagement strategies are needed? How do we tap into the latest advances in AI and use them to create and empower the business of the future? And how do we ensure that New Zealand has a voice in this brave new world of AI?

Join us for a breakfast session which will cover these key themes and provide you with the insight needed to help you chart your organisation’s direction in what is rapidly becoming a cluttered and complex domain.

This event will take the form of a 1r presentation, followed by a 30 min panel discussion. Agenda below:

- A Look Into the (Near) Future: Brett Roberts from Datacom will discuss what’s driving the rapid rise of AI and the impact it will have on your most valuable asset: people.

- Case Study | Humanising the Digital Experience with AI: Rob from IP Australia will share the journey of bringing virtual assistant Alex to life, IP Australia’s first digital employee who learns on the job and improves with every interaction. Rob will discuss the benefits of launching a virtual assistant in driving digital uptake and taking the government on a business & technology transformation journey.

- Customer Experience is off the leash | Customers have more freedom to choose who and how they interact with organisations than ever before. Customer Experience is the new competitive battleground and immediacy, personalisation and relevance are all potential areas for improvement with conversational interfaces and omni-channel both playing a key role. As part of this session Danny from FaceMe will focus on how embodiment and EQ will create more human-like connections and the benefits these will deliver.  

- Panel discussion with industry leaders


Alyona Medelyan received her PhD in Computer Science from Waikato University, where her research resulted in a popular open-source keyword extraction tool Maui. She left academia to work with startups and to lead R&D projects with multinationals like Google, Cisco and Microsoft. She later founded Thematic, a SaaS solution for customer feedback analysis helping brands around the world improve their customer satisfaction.
Brett is Associate Director of Datacom's Digital, Customers & Collaboration Group which specialises in delivering business transformation and enablement via strategic advisory services and CX / UX design capability coupled with deep design and build expertise across a broad set of web, mobile, CRM, collaboration and BI / analytics technology platforms.
Danny is the CEO and co-founder of FaceMe. Danny Tomsett established his career in the Telecommunications and IT industry giving him a unique perspective and insight for inventing and developing “over-the-top” innovation. As CEO Danny leads the company with an absolute passion to disrupt front line customer service.
Kerry Topp is the General Manager, Transformation & Innovation, at Datacom Limited.
He has been working in the Technology industry for almost 20 years covering such diverse roles of project management, programme directorship, consulting and general management. After moving from Air New Zealand in 2010, Kerry joined Datacom as General Manager where he led the team to grow from 3 business units to 4 and from 70 to 120 people over 4 years.
Rob Bollard is the General Manager of the Rights in One (RIO) Program and Business Futures Group.  The group has been tasked with the largest business transformation and information and communication technology Program undertaken by the organisation. It is responsible for developing a new IP Rights management system, developing a new search solution and providing richer and more timely business intelligence.
Sarah has spent her professional career advising CEOs and their teams how to develop and exploit a competitive advantage in the face of complex and rapid change.

Sarah’s experience stretches from Norway, to New York, to New Zealand. She has worked in London in banking, utilities, direct marketing, digital media and wine and spirits. She is also an experienced and qualified commercial litigator.

A recent returnee from the UK, Sarah sought a role where she could be part of the future. The General Manager role at Tech Futures Lab immediately appealed as her next career progression with the focus on technology and its impact on the human condition.

Sarah holds degrees in Law and Arts, as well as an MBA from BI Norwegian School of Management.
Stacey Tomasoni is a passionate advocate in customer service excellence and leading transformational change through innovation and automation.
As Director of Datacom Connect’s Australia/New Zealand Business, Stacey is a thought leader combining emergent automation technologies, cognitive experiences, human centred design, operational mastery and an ability to provide actionable insights to improve the customer experience.
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