Fri 12 May 5:30 — 7:30pm

Learn more about the technology that's changing how we build around business and technology.
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"Serverless will fundamentally change how we build business around technology" - Simon Wardley, 24 Nov 2016

This matter-of-fact statement leaves no uncertainty of where we are heading with this relatively new and exciting area of cloud computing. Simon is a researcher of the Leading Edge Forum, a global research community focused on identifying and adopting next business practices, who also advises various Governments and Agencies. He was voted twice as one of the top 50 most influential people in IT in the UK. In his own blog post (from which the quote was taken), he urges to action: "You should be catching this wave as fast as you can."

So what exactly is Serverless? Why should you care and how will it impact your business here in New Zealand? During this event, local experts will explore these questions and provide some answers. We will be discussing the current state, how early adopters have gained significant benefits over their competitors and where the future of serverless lies.


With quite an impressive history, Andrew Blakey has always been on the forefront of IT - taking advantage of modern technologies, products and processes during his time in various roles at different organisations including Navman for more than 10 years. Andrew is now Development Manager at TVNZ.
Craig is a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, focussed on the public sector in New Zealand. Craig works closely with government agencies in areas such as Data Sovereignty, Privacy, Governance, Confidentiality, Data Integrity, Availability and Incident Response.
Jane Hwang is passionate about people and cares deeply about building successful teams and culture. In her past, she has worked in various technical delivery roles and is currently Operations Manager, Northern Region at Solnet Solutions.
John Heard is first and foremost a technologist who thinks a lot about how that will impact everyone in the future. In his current role as CTO at Smart Parking Technology, he's envisioning the next (and beyond) version of a real time data processing and visualisation platform.
Lukasz is an international speaker and thought leader. As CIO of NZQA, Lukasz fully realises the benefits of doing business in the Cloud. Lukasz brings his passion and experience to talk about his latest interest in Serverless technologies.
As Technology Innovation Manager at Accordo, Myles is responsible for the technology roadmap, ensuring that the company is building for tomorrow as well as today. He has a particular interest in cloud architecture, DevOps, APIs and cost reduction. His motto: Write less code, get more done.
Scott is is an international speaker, community leader, and die hard serverless evangelist: He runs the AWS user group in Wellington, presented at ServerlessConf London and has recently been invited into the Amazon APN Cloud Warrior program. Scott is a Principal Cloud Architect at API Talent.
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